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ISO 20121

CSR Report

We are the first company in Europe in our industry which decided to implement ISO 20121 standards. It has been recognized and appreciated by the International Federation of Exhibition and Event services IFES.

We shared our knowledge and experience with the participants of the annual IFES conference, which was held in Vienna. It is worth mentioning that the entire meeting was focused on pro-ecological subject, sustainable management and ISO 20121 standard. It reassured us that our actions and development are going in the right direction and they consolidate our leadership in the exhibition industry on European market.

Below we present the prestigious list of the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry  UFI which includes exhibition industry companies that proudly hold the ISO 20121 certificate.  It is worth emphasizing that the company Meliński Minuth is the only European company constructing the exhibition stands in this group.

Source: http://www.ufi.org/industry-resources/sustainable-development/sustainable-development-guidelines/

This month our efforts and doings related to implementation of sustainable events management system were appreciated by one of the most renowned certification companies in the world, SGS. First of all, the undertakings which deserved the most of credit relate to innovative approach to meeting ISO 20121 requirements and great engagement of our organization’s staff.

The certificate attesting the conformity of our implemented sustainable event management system with ISO 20121 requirements is also known to be the first in Poland. It means that our company successfully strives to continue innovative actions boosting its image as a leader in the event industry.

Thanks to ISO 20121 certification we increased the business marketability of our enterprise. Despite our system functions only a few months, we’ve already managed to minimize the negative impact on the environment. In such a manner we enhance events stability we take part in. The system also assists us in organized acting and to distribute the sustainability concept in our business environment.

Fairs affect both the environment and economy in many aspects, such as water consumption, waste generation and electricity use. They also influence biodiversity, employability and selection of suppliers. Sustainable events management system based on ISO 20121 helps us set and obtain realistic goals and develop strategy and procedures according to the best available practices.

The implementation of the system allowed us to identify the weaknesses in the structure of our company and to plan adequate corrective and improving actions. Their application will decrease both environmental and social risks by simultaneously contributing to sustainable development of our company.

Intensive implementation proceedings will allow to obtain prestigious and first in Poland ISO 20121 certificate. We expect to gain new clients who also share our values. We assume that it will increase the number of orders and accelerate the development of our company together with boosting the employability.

We appointed the Committee for Sustainable Development represented by our Managers with the leading role of ISO Management Representative. Identification of sustainable issues related to company’s activity was the main task of the Committee. As a result of many performed analysis and discussions we indicated the significant aspects of sustainable development.

In the following months we will put emphasis on issues related to stress in our organization. In order to decrease its level we decided on developing coaching programmes for newly employed staff to help them adapt in the culture and procedures of our company.

Based on ISO 20121 implementation we also pay attention on natural environment which constitutes the area of our concerns as well. In this regard we developed objectives aimed to increase material recycling practices and respecting all applicable laws.

Last weeks were the period of intensive efforts related to the implementation of our project “CSR awareness increase by implementation of integrated quality management system based on EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2012”.

Those actions allowed us to call ourselves truly Socially Responsible Enterprise distinguished by transparent and ethical business behavior which concerns our stakeholders, employees, clients and suppliers.

First beneficiaries in regard to above are our employees. We secure them with our statement according to which all applicable laws will be respected.

Implementation of management system based on ISO 20121 requirements emphasizes healthy and safe working environment. Creating positive conditions supporting professional development of each of our employees constitutes one of our key objectives.

We believe that knowledge and abilities potential lies mostly in our human resources. That’s why we addressed our employees with inquiry about the areas of potential improvement and the betterment of our workplace.

In such amanner we obtained valuable feedback based on which we will be able to make decisions on how to respect our employees’ interests.

We consider ourselves to be socially responsible in respect of the impact of our actions and decisions which may affect both society and environment. That’s way we decided to meet expectations of our stakeholders – individuals that have an interest in any decision or activity of our company. We consider our customers as important key stakeholders.

We decided on ISO 20121 implementation which will support our actions in gaining clear benefits. Many of them regard our customers:

  • ISO 20121 implementation will allow us to support our actions when it comes to planning and performing sustainable events,
  • Thanks to elaborated working standards we will be able to provide our customers with ecologically proven solutions and respect natural environment,
  • We will increase our employees’ satisfaction by implementation of policy which is oriented to meet their needs. It will also improve our services quality which will cause our customers’ satisfaction increase as well.
  • Implemented management system will ensure more effective control of realized orders.
  • Sustainability awareness of our business partners will increase because we address social responsibility not only to ourselves but also to our suppliers and subcontractors.
  • ISO 20121 application will allow to incorporate sustainability into our company’s structure and sensitize cooperating business partners in regard of socially important issues.

Proceedings aligned to ISO 20121 support our clients with application of best available solutions related to minimizing energy consumption, limiting waste generation and – as a consequence – engaging sustainable development.

Currently we are at the stage of ISO 20121 implementation. Its main purpose is to improve our services related to delivering solutions for event organization. It will help face challenges which are nowadays present in event industry. Undertaking actions encompass our current procedures modification in order to adjust them to sustainable event management system requirements. Vast majority of our actions focus on ecological outcome which accompanies our business in a indissoluble manner. Sustainable waste management and air emissions as main spheres of environmental protection constitute the priorities in the respect of our doings. They are strictly related to ISO 20121 implementation. Our goal is to introduce solutions based not only on respecting applicable legal requirements but also on rising beyond the measure of environmental law frames. We address such responsibility not only to ourselves but also to our business partners, suppliers and subcontractors. We hope for them to meet those requirements not to a lesser extent.

“CSR awareness increase by implementation of integrated quality management system based on EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2012”

Our project called “CSR awareness increase by implementation of integrated quality management system based on EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2012” constitutes the essence of our belief in the need for sustainability of contemporary event industry.

We comprehend sustainability as development in which living conditions and resource-use meet human needs without undermining the sustainability of natural systems and the environment, so that future generations may also have their needs met. We believe that sustainability should rely on combination of objectives featured by high quality, health, welfare and social justice. Our economic, social and environmental goals are correlative and complete themselves mutually. We regard sustainability as a way of summing up broader expectations of society. We are ready to respond!

We consider our company as socially responsible for the consequences of our decisions and actions which affect society and environment. By implementation of our project we provide transparent and ethical proceedings which support sustainability, prosperity, society’s health and environmental protection.

These are the reasons why we started implementation of ISO 20121 which supports event sustainability management systems.  The activity of contemporary enterprises and the issues of their social, economical and environmental effects are very important for us. That’s why we aim to systematically minimize their negative impacts by simultaneously improving positive results of our actions.

We intend to do so by implementation of ISO 20121. The application of the standard will allow us to:

  • Incorporate sustainability into our strategy,
  • Sensitize ecologically our co-operating business partners,
  • Provide our clients with ecologically proven solutions,
  • Respect natural environment,
  • Rationalize resources and material use.

We focus our social responsibility on organization and address it to our stakeholders, especially when it comes to society and environment. By stakeholder we understand an individual or a group that has an interest in any decision or activity of an organization.

We are convinced that our actions will draw our environment’s attention to issues that are socially important and will address our company to contribute to sustainable development of event branch.

ISO 20121

With the beginning of July 2014 we launch the implementation of ISO 20121 standard which supports Event Sustainability Management System. This action will assist our efforts in the area of event planning according to the social responsibility principles.

Negative impacts caused by contemporary enterprises are for us of a great importance for us. By ISO 20121 implementation we aim to minimize their negative impacts and  improve the results of our actions. Selected objectives to be obtained:

•        The implementation of ISO 20121 standard shall allow us to boost our actions related to event planning according to sustainability principles.

•        Due to elaborated work standards we shall be able to supply our customers with proven, ecological solutions together with the contribution to environmental protection.

•        We believe that Satisfied Employee = Satisfied Client which is why we enhance our employees’ motivation by adapting the policy aiming to meet their needs. It will also improve the quality of our services which implies the expected betterment of our clients’ satisfaction.

Applied standard will allow us to incorporate sustainability into our company’s structures and sensitize our co-operating business partners. We are convinced that our actions will take our stakeholders’ notice to socially significant issues and will address our company to contribute to sustainable development of event branch.

Activities for local community

Being a team of active and passionate people, Meliński Minuth are happy to support initiatives designed for others to pursue their interests.

Our special attention is paid to sports and artistic events. Consequently, we support:

  • International Student Art Festival ARTenalia, Poznań
  • School of Form, Poznań
  • “Olimpia” Sports Association – Track & Field Section in Poznań
  • PSŻ Poznań Speedway Associaton in Poznań
  • Municipal Sports Centre in Suchy Las
  • University Sports Association in Poznań
  • Arena Design University of Arts in Poznań

ISO 20121: New standards in sustainable management of events

Preparations for the Olympic Games have made international organisations aware of the necessity to create new standards defining sustainable management system in the events industry. By analogy the growing number of exhibitions and their worldwide range require a responsible approach which will take into consideration the economic, environmental and social consequences of mass events.

Therefore the International Organization for Standardization introduced ISO 20121: “Sustainability in event management”.

30 countries and institutions were involved in the preparation of the new standard.ISO 20121 provides framework for ecological solutions that may be implemented not only by organizers of events, but also by any supply chain participant. Such systemic operation from the start will lead to long-term and wide-ranging changes whose aim is to considerably minimize the negative impact of industry on the environment.


We manage in a sustainable manner!

As an ecology conscious chain supplier in the events industry, Meliński Minuth from the beginning of its activity have attached huge importance to sustainable management system in their activities. Over the years we have implemented a wide array of practices, the majority of which converge with the guidelines of ISO 20121.

Meanwhile, in 2014 we are starting the following project:

“Raising awareness of CSR through the implementation of integrated quality management system in accordance with EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 20121:2010 (sustainable event management).”

This project is co-financed by Switzerland through the Swiss program of cooperation with the new EU member states. The amount of support is: 69 685 zł (20 366 CHF). On 2 January 2014 we are starting work on implementing these standards and we will make the necessary investments that will enable us to meet their requirements (i.e. the purchase of LED printed circuit boards and PVC strip curtains for storage doors).

More details about the project: www.programszwajcarski.gov.pl and www.swiss-contribution.admin.ch/poland

The ISO 20121 standard will apply to clients, organizers and all event services suppliers alike. We would like to assure both the organizers and the participants that positive results can be obtained at low cost and more effective management of available resources. We are confident that the implementation of the project according to the standard will bring about a reduction in cost, but above all it will build a positive image, enhancing our credibility and interest in the offer. The introduction of modern solutions and implementation of international standards will increase competitiveness on both the local and the global market.

Additionally, the project aims to:

1 Reduce the consumption of materials and energy in the process of production.

2 Reduce fees by minimizing the amount of industrial waste recycled and disposed, as well as by lowering fuel consumption for heating.

3 Reduce waste after the delivery of services and events and reduction of material costs through the re-use of items.

Schedule of the project

 “Raising awareness of CSR  through the implemention of integrated quality management system in accordance with EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2010 (Sustainable Event Management)”

activityqtr. 2/2014qtr. 3/2014qtr. 4/2014
Modification of the CSR strategyx
Start of social communicationxxx
Preparation of documents for integrated quality management system in        accordance with EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2010x
Implemation of  integrated quality management system in accordance with EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2010x
Internal audits of integrated quality management system in accordance with EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2010x
Modernisation of storage gates, purchase and setting up of photocells and light signs on 5 storage gates, purchase and setting up of the furniture storage gatex
Purchase of LED modules for edge illumination, purchase of non water-resistant adapters for LED 350 W/12Vx
Certification of  integrated quality management system in accordance with EN-ISO 9001:2008 and EN-ISO 20121:2010x
x – activity in a particular quarter