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Our Team

“Inquiry received”. Once this message appears in CRM, it triggers a chain reaction that soon involves most of Meliński Minuth’s employees.
The contact person and the so-called client advisor is usually a delegated Project Manager who monitors each stage of the stand preparations. This complex task requires cooperation among experts from various departments…

Project Managers

They like to feel the adrenaline and thrill. Their vitality and coordination skills prove more than handy during the stand set-up. With the support of experienced and battle-hardened set-up teams, they can construct a several hundred meter stand within days. Fully engaged and task-oriented, they will never rest until the operation code-named “client’s full satisfaction” is completed.

Marketing Department

being the most sociable and the only completely female department at Meliński Minuth, perceives a new inquiry as a perfect opportunity to meet or at least to have a short phone chat. They ask many questions and then forward the inquiry to the right person at the right time.

Designer Team

When it comes to designing a stand, the marketing department forwards the inquiry to persons who have quite a unique skill: they see the world in terms of… geometric solids. Designers in our team are modern cubists who can find an equilibrium between the aesthetic vision and static calculations. They also excel at the art of compromising between the artistic creation and the client’s budget.

Production Department

It is much more than merely a stock of machinery. A very strict rule applies here: only exactly manufactured and carefully finished items may leave the production and warehouse area. Authors of these everyday “acts of creation” are skilled craftsmen such as carpenters, coating technicians, designers. With their manual dexterity and modern equipment they can tackle challenges that have not been dreamt of by anyone. Anyone but the Designers.

Electricity & Audio/Visual Department

They play with electricity. They can distinguish voltage from amperage and know the difference between one-and three-phase power supply. Their support is indispensable when it comes to ordering power supply for the stand or developing a lighting plan. Audio/visual systems are a piece of cake for them too. Magicians, to put it short.